The Citizens Legacy: 40 Years of Innovation

The Citizens Legacy: 40 Years of Innovation

Citizens Companies is driving the world towards a sustainable future through creative and innovative energy enterprises. Our path began with a non-profit heritage in 1979 and developed into a legacy of trustworthiness and operational excellence in international energy trading. We were pioneers in the international energy trade, forging relationships between banks, national oil corporations, energy conglomerates, and international trading houses.

Today we continue our pioneering mission, positioning ourselves in the center of the global transition to Clean Energy.


Rooted in Legacy, Driven by Innovation

The early days of Citizens began with a mission to help those in need. We started by providing low-cost heating oil to underprivileged residents of Massachusetts at subsidized costs.

As our company grew, we realized the impact we could have by creating efficiencies in the trade of the commodities we were moving. To achieve this, we acquired the first of many West African crude oil contracts during the 80s and 90s, making us a fixture in the global oil trade market.

During this time, we were conducting business throughout South America, Europe, Africa, as well as in the domestic US, at one point eclipsing $10B in annual revenue. These experiences allowed us to emerge at the forefront of the industry. Internally, we developed what we like to call the “body of a corporation, and the mind of a startup.”

When leadership transitioned in 2017, this mentality was nevertheless preserved, enabling us to push the boundaries of the energy industry more than ever before.


We committed to using our experience in global energy trading to contribute to the shift to Clean Energy. To succeed as a part of this movement, we entered into joint ventures which take sustainable approaches to the production, transmission, and use of power: Digital Stream Energy (DSE) and XC Generation (XC), and most recently, established LINK.

Our leadership understood that the use of natural resources like oil production was not only a sinking field but one that was damaging the environment. The closest, easiest-to-reach lands for coal, oil, gas, and mineral resources have already been exploited.

Adding new reserves of those natural resources requires exploration and production in areas more difficult to reach. On the other hand, modern technology has advanced tremendously over the last few decades, making processes in the energy sector more efficient, powerful, and cheaper than ever before.

Citizens knew that in order to do well as a business and do good for the planet, our next move had to be into renewable electrical energy, electrical energy storage, and other uses of electricity in the energy industry. 


The COVID-19 Pivot

The onset of the coronavirus lockdowns in 2020 alongside our shift to new energy investments forced our team to pivot. As we challenged ourselves to dig deep into the clean energy future, our operational teams had to adapt their mindsets away from oil trading.

We focused on experimentation and moving quickly as we made this pivot. For us, this was not just a shift towards remote work and home offices, but the realization we could add talent from new regions of the world. With these new voices, we gained enhanced perspective, all the while staying true to our collaborative spirit and penchant for operational excellence.

This culture of innovation and community sets us apart. It has allowed us to focus on experimentation and pivot into emerging industries, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

It was this culture that led to a successful shift in our company, one that continues to encourage our pioneering minds. From electric vehicle (EV) solutions and participating in some of the world’s biggest EV events to keeping a close eye on the developments and impacts of new innovations, our team has helped us become a launchpad for clean and socially responsible technologies.

Looking Ahead

As the world turns its attention and efforts to the Clean Energy future, Citizens is a valuable partner for entrepreneurs, investors, and civic stakeholders looking to participate in the movement.

With our legacy in the energy sector, we strive to innovate in this space and put our full efforts into providing clean, renewable energy to all. From improving power grids, encouraging greener practices, making mobility solutions accessible, and any new venture we begin, we are proud to provide a platform to launch sustainable and socially responsible energy enterprises.

If you want to get involved and support our mission or launch your own socially responsible energy enterprise, contact us today.